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CAMS, from Dheeram Innovations Private Limited, is the pioneer and global leader in Biometric Research and Development. CAMS has been trusted by various corporate and government organizations across the globe. It offers the Web based API and cloud solutions to the biometric attendance and access control machines for integrating them with Web Application directly.

We are unique in providing the biometric industrial solutions. We have helped factories, construction units, corporates and various multi national companies for building their biometric automation solutions to capture the fingerprints and records the attendance on the web.

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Web API for Biometric Attendance System

CAMS supports the Web API for the biometric time and attendance machines (Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Card, Palm) and access control machines, which can be integrated with a website or any web application hosted at a domain or public IP. It provides RESTful APIs and Callback APIs for various operations to communicate with the biometric machines back and forth. Following are the provided APIs

  • Callback API, Whenever new attendance gets registered, an URL from the 3rd party server will be called with user and attendance time information, on realtime basis
  • Copy a user from one machine to another machine
  • Add new user on the machine
  • Callback API, Whenever new user is added in the machine manually, an URL from the 3rd party server will be notified on realtime basis
  • Callback API, Whenever a user is changing his/her fingerprint/face/card/palm templates in the machine manually, an URL from the 3rd party server will be notified on realtime basis

Read more information from Web API Documentation for Biometric Time Attendance and Access Cotrol Systems.

Web API with Javascript Based Fingerprint Scanner

Reading fingerprints from scanners and manage them from the web page is a nightmare to developers. CAMS offers the end-to-end online SDK solutions to our clients who can use our SDK system to implement the web based fingerprint login, web based fingerprint attendance system and etc. Using our api, biometric fingerprint scanners or readers can be integrated with the web application through the simple javascript changes.

Client page (javascript) will have the configuration for setting up URLs and events for capturing new fingerprints and comparing fingerprints. Client page is responsible for calling the respective operations (Capture, Merge, Compare, CaptureAndVerify) whenever is required. On the successful completion of any operation, the respective server URLs, if configured, will be called or the events to be triggered with its resulted data. Following are the operations and its result data.

  1. Capture - Encrypted fingerprint template, bmp base64 fingerprint image, encrypted capture time at client system, encrypted auth token
  2. Merge - Encrypted fingerprint template of given three fingerprint templates, encrypted merged time, encrypted auth token
  3. Compare - Encrypted score, encrypted comparison time, encrypted auth token
  4. CaptureAndVerify - Encrypted fingerprint template on success or decryption-failable random string, encrypted capture time at client system, encrypted auth token

Read more information from Web API Documentation for Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.

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A right attendance system imposes the punctuality to employees and ensures maximized productivity time and offers the best integrated permission and leave management operations irrespective of any geographical locations. Unfortunately, no such systems exist in the market, which helps the management to manage their employees' attendance with handy devices.

CAMS offers fully automated advanced attendance system, which is built with 2P Technology, which comes along with web based management and mobile app control panel where the head of the organization will be able to get the instant reports of all the branches from any geographical location.

CAMS revolutionizes the traditional system into modern that are suitable for any industry such as Schools, IT Companies, Restaurants, Retail chains, All small scale industries and etc. CAMS supports RFID based attendance and all the bio-metric attendance such as Fingerprint, Retina, Facial, Voice, Palm, and Password. Attendance can also be registered with just walking near 30mt radius (UHF) designed with latest NFC technology.

The system enables zero connection setup for installation. Attendance machines can be easily relocated across the cities without any setup change. CAMS gives the reports integrating the machines installed in various branches/locations from across the globe. Reports will include history for individuals and teams with their In time, Out time, Time Spent, Over Time Spent and etc. This system also includes the App based Leave Management, Permission Management and Holiday Planner. More Products

How our System Works!

Integrated Permission & Leave Management, CAMS (Centralized Attendance Monitoring System) connects multiple cities across the world