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Realtime reports on cloud and app, OEM cloud to run on your name and start your business with your pricing

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etsCouncil is a leading provider of the cloud based biometric attendance solutions for CAMS API supported biometric machines. It offers the OEM/Whitel-label solution to host under any domain with their own pricing.

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Our Amazing Features

One of the top recognized cloud based attendance solution which connects offices from various cities across the globe and provides the completely custom packed report with role based authorization. Attendance given in biometric machine with RFID or Fingerprint or Facial or Palm or Finger Vein will be made instantly available in the cloud

Cloud Reports

Real time reports on cloud and app available for all the employees. Time-spent, late comers, early leavers and more viewable/downloadable reports

Mobile App

Get realtime company/ branch/ team/ self attendance reports, manage leaves, get the push notifications for every employee.

Leave Management

Apply leave under various categories through web/app. Superior can approve/reject from web/app. Attendance reports will reflect accordingly.

Permission Management

Employees can be given permission through web/app. Employees' attendance can be marked as absent when permitted time is not honored.

Roster Management

Schedule the shifts, even shift falling between two days. Attendance marked automatically upon the schedules

SMS Integration

Buy SMS pack anywhere and get it integrated. Configure SMS templates based on various criteria.

Field Employee Attendance

Employees roaming around to register the attendance through App, admin to review the GEO position and mark present/absent

White-Label/OEM Biometric Cloud Solution

Shared Cloud

Runs under subdomin of with your landing page having your logo, brand, design, pricing. Contact-us message reaches your inbox

Virtually Private Cloud

Runs under your domain with your landing page having your logo, brand, design, contact us and pricing. Contact-us message reaches your inbox

Private Cloud

Runs under your domain and in your server, with your landing page having your logo, brand, design, contact us and pricing. Contact-us message reaches your inbox

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Supported Biometric Time, Attendance and Access Control Devices

Many of the biometric devices from CAMS, ZkTeco, eSSL, BioMax, Realtime, CP Plus, Mantra, Matrix, SecuGen, MegaMind, BioEnable, Cogent, FORTUNA, Nitgen, Precision, Morpho, Secureye and many more brands are supported

  • CAMS Biometric Devices

    All the devices of Fingerprint, Face, Palm, Vein and RFID based attendance or access control devices listed at CAMS are supported

  • ZkTeco or Other Biometric Devices

    All the devices supported by CAMS API can be in this cloud system. Devices verified at Developer CAMS are supported by CAMS API

How our System Works!

All the devices are connected through CAMS API. The communication from the biometric devices are realtime and communication to the device would have slight latency. Cloud and APP will always display realtime reports.


Quick overview of cloud features

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